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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 13, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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also we'll talk about fire dangers but today, 80s bayside, 70s at the coast, cooler weather around the corner. your forecast in moments. >> i'll get awe good look around the bay, i have a new issue for the tri-valley. listen up. >> right now you want to check this out. a live look at san mateo. got some lights coming our way. it's going to be a muggy one. how you doing on this monday morning, august 13th, this is "today in the bay." >> good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. and waking us up too. it's 5:00. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> good morning. i'm jon kelley. we get going with developing news out of lake county where wild fire this is hour are burning and threatening homes. these flames have scorched thousands of acres already and forced evacuations. marla tellez is in the newsroom, she has the latest information on this developing story. good morning. >> jon, good morning.
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we're talking about two separate fires, the wye fire also the walker fire as you said, they are burning in lake county. so far they have burned at least 5,000 acres. both are close to clear lake off highway 20 north of santa rosa, west of ukiah to give you more perspective. the two have been burning more than 12 hours. the wye fire is the bigger of the two, it has burned about 3,000 acres, and taken down three structures. it has the entire community of spring valley evacuated. that is about 480 homes. those are immediately threatened right now. joining me on the phone is the division chief with cal fire, todd durham, thank you for being with us this morning. can you hear me? >> yes. good morning. >> todd, i understand about 300 firefighters are working these fires right now. i mentioned those evacuation orders. the question is there relief in sight in terms of containment?
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>> clearly we have more resources on order for today's shift. as you mentioned we have over 300 people assigned to both of these fires in lake county and parts of western colusa county. the weather is still a problem for us with the high temperat e temperatures, coupled with many of these firefighters have been on numerous fires throughout this week. so, there's not a lot of relief in those areas. however, once we get additional resources and we have one of our cal fire incident management teams, that will be assigned, that will bring more relief to us as far as our resources. >> and then i also understand that you have made some ground -- some headway in terms of containment. can you talk about that in terms of percentage?
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>> yes. the the wye fire which is in lake county as you mentioned, just north of the intersection of highway 20 and 53 is 25% contained. approximately 3,000 acres. the walker fire, which is further to the east, still right around 2,000 acres, approximately 30% containment. that's in lake county and parts in colusa county. that's certainly better than zero containment. we heard that highway 20 is closed. is that still the case? >> that is still the case and we anticipate it being closed for at least the next 12 hours. >> okay. all right, todd. the weather conditions are not helping the firefighters out there this morning but we're going to wish the best for them. thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> to recap the wye and walker fires burning at least 5,000
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acres combined, both are only about 30% contained. of course we're going to stay on the story to bring you the latest. >> thank you very much. speaking of resources, paying for fire protection. starting today some california homeowners will see a new bill in the mail, the $150 fee covers the fire prevention services offered by the state in their neighborhoods. fire leaders say this is a result of living in a wild land area susceptible to wild fires. they also point to the increase in the number of homes in rural areas. homeowners already pay for protection from their fire district will get a $35 discount. >> 5:04. in wisconsin this weekend sikh worshipers gather ed since the gunman killed six people. there was a cleansing ceremony. about 1,000 people attended and
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worship service. many of the worshipers said returning to the temple felt like a rebirth. sikh leaders in the south bay reaching out hoping to spread awareness about their faith. sunday the temple in san jose held an open house inviting the community into their spaces. temple leaders say it's an opportunity to teach others about the religion in hopes of replacing fear with understanding. >> people should know that this is a very peace loving community, and it was actually founded on those ---en those fundamentals, equal rights, equal right to worship. >> yesterday's open house was a special event but any one is welcome to the temple on sundays to pray. how cute. they also invite to you discover the grounds and ask questions about the faith. >> here's an unusual twist on the war on drugs. grandpa and grandma at the center what if is called the biggest meth bust in history.
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the "mercury news" reporting seven family members including a grandfather and grandmother have been ordered to stand trial. cops say the family ran a distribution hub out of their apartment for a mexican cartel. this was discovered by two police officers who tracked a stolen ipad to the apartment complex. prosecutors say the family ran the drug ring out of the attic. police found $33 million of powder and liquid methamphetamine. >> continuing coverage, one week after the massive fire at the chevron refinery in richmond federal investigators plan to go in to pinpoint the cause of the fire. christie smith is live in richmond. christie, we understand they are narrowing focus to a pipe that's decades old. >> reporter: good morning. federal investigators hope to get a good look at the richmond refinery. we're told they are focusing on possible corrosion of a pipe
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dating back to the 1970s that was inspected last year. >> well, looks like we're having problem with christie's audio. we'll work that out and hopefully bring you the latest as the investigation continues in richmond. it's 5:07. the fight over the estate of thomas kinkade's girlfriend claims his handwritten will shows he gave her his mansion and $10 million to create a museum. his wife of 30 years who he was separated from at the time of his death is contesting those handwritten notes. kinkade died from lethal levels of alcohol and valium. his estate is worth more than $100 million. >> no doubt a toasty weekend. and it's going to carry over for today. >> it's going to be hotter today
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than yesterday and saturday. so yes, hot today. what i can tell you jon kelley, laura, temperatures are going to drop. 53 in san francisco, 61 in sunnyvale, and we're crisp in santa rosa. we want to play it safe when it comes to fire danger the next few days especially as our resources are spread a little thin up there in lake county so keep that in mind if you are having a barbecue, watch it and that it's completely extinguished. don't want to be responsible for a wild fire in california let me tell you. comfortable at the coast. this week temperatures are going to stay hot the first part of the week. we're going to take off one to two degrees all the way through the end of the week making today the hottest of the work week. 88 degrees at noon, inland 102 in livermore, a hot one, 84 bay side and 74 at the coast. i can tell you we're not sparing the air today. i don't think we'll be sparing the air tomorrow with the stronger on shore flow that means cooler days ahead.
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5:08. first we'll check your drive. >> to the tri-valley, a few things to point out. you see on the right some slowing out of the altamont pass. speeds in the 50s, closer to 40 now in some areas as you merge off 205. in the middle, we'll call out omar. that's what we have on the maps. that's around vasco where we have reports after dog or mountain lion based on which caller you believe. an animal seen. don't pull over, use the connector. looking to the interchange in the castro valley, 238 and 880 smooth. a live look shows you the south bay. northbound 101, easy drive northbound throughout most of the freeways. and we'll get a look on the peninsula side of the san mateo bridge westbound with the
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headlights, a smooth flow across the peninsula as well. 92, no problems. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. >> a dog or a mountain lion. one might eat you. up next, the return from london, olympic athletes heading back to the bay area getting back to the normal life. bob redell shows us what's next. >> a cheaper way to read 50 shades of gray or whatever your choice is. good morning! wow.
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>> welcome back everybody. yes, the 2012 olympic games are now officially over and now it's back to real life. this is a look at london's heathrow airport this morning. they are bracing for one of the busiest days as more than 100,000 people are expected to leave that country.
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the airport set up a temporary olympic terminal for the 6,000 athletes heading home. that first flight we've been hearing expected to land at 1:30 p.m. at sfo with the athletes from the bay area. so an afternoon landing at sfo bringing home the heroes to the bay area. >> among the thousands leaving today are so many from the bay area. got to be so proud of them. heading home. >> and of course coming with them are all of the bragging rights. you got to stick your chest out at the universities and colleges. feeling pretty good what happened. bob redell live in san jose, hp pavilion with a look back at our local heroes. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon and laura. quite a haul if you consider how many medals won by the college athletes at stanford and cal. you can see between the two, we're talking about 33 medals. 16 by stanford, 17 by cal, but stanford which is bringing home
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more gold. it has 12 gold medal winners versus cal's 11. stanford's ryan hall could have added to his medal count but his right hamstring didn't want to cooperate. you could see him there having to pull himself out of the race at about 11 miles into the race. saying after he made this tough choice to stop because he didn't want to risk injury and hurt his career. that's the first time he had to quit a race. >> in the beginning it didn't feel fluid and was tighter and tighter. i was out there trying to work through it but got to a point where it wasn't going to let me continue on. >> reporter: so, you weren't able to travel to london and watch athletes compete. in a few weeks they will perform in the south bay at the hp pavilion. the entire 2012 women's gymnastic team and some members of the men's team will be here in what's billed as the tour of
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gymnastics champions, that's september 8 here at the hp pavilion. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. it's 5:15. investors eyes on yahoo! the stock under pressure as the company thinks about keeping billions of dollars away from its shareholders where will we turn now? we want to check in with scott mcgrew, he has been watching the numbers for us and so many stockholders watching as well. >> good morning to you. trading gets under way in a bit more than an hour. yahoo! shares hammered after the ceo hinted the company may keep the billions it makes when it sells its chinese assets. billions shareholders have been told earlier they would get a cash payout. this puts yahoo! stock at its lowest point since meyer took over and makes the stock desirable when you look at the cost of the stock. yahoo! for all of the grief we
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give it makes money. 17, google 19, facebook 121. this is like golf. you want the low number. facebook shares under more pressure. later this week we'll see the end of a lock-up where certain investors will be able to sell shares for the first time. investors call that the over thehang, the knowledge that shares could hit the market all at once. facebook is going to go through several of these over the next month. >> news of a price break this morning and a look ahead to the markets from courtney reagan. good morning. >> good morning, scott. barnes and noble is cutting the price of its ereader by $20 for the 8 gigabyte version. amazon's rival kindle aspire. barnes and noble dropping the price on the 16 gig nook by 16 to 199. futures are relatively flat now as the markets come off a very positive week, the dow and s&p
5:17 am
500 posted gains for five straight week, the nasdaq for four straight. i know that feels hard to believe but it is true, the numbers don't lie. there is no economic data but we'll get reports this week on retail sales, inflation, industrial production, housing starts and consumer sentiment. several retailers will report earnings including home depot, walmart and target. the dow did rise 42 points on friday to 13,207, the nasdaq up 2 to 3020, that's where we start today when the opening bell sounds in an hour and 15 minutes. >> thank you much. also looking ahead the apple samsung trial continues nonstop, no break. we'll look at what's ahead coming up. >> thank you. >> 5:17. we know what's coming up here, hot, hot, hot. >> knowing it's going to benefit you later on today so you don't get into your car and say my gosh, i didn't realize it was going to be this hot today.
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you want to make sure you protect that windshield with a visor today f. you do have to park in the sun, it might be worth it to spend that extra 5 to 10 minutes finding a shady spot. temperatures are warm, 67 balmy degrees in livermore and concord. we have low 50s on the map in santa rosa, even san francisco. we're headed toward a hot day just about everywhere. san francisco rarely hits the mid 70s. i'm forecasting 74 degrees. about 69 yesterday. so a hotter day ahead across the board. the reason why is this big ridge of high pressure is moving closer to the bay area today. looks like the monsoonal moisture will stay out of our neck of the woods. the hot weather will be back. about 3 to 5 degrees warmer than yesterday. even in your inland cities. woke up yesterday with a blanket of clouds. mostly clear start all the way from the coast over the bay and through the inland cities, inland valleys nice and clear.
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we still have the meteors out there over the weekend. but that shower it peaked saturday and sunday. we're seeing a lot of those beautiful shooting stars. it's going to be hot. drink plenty of water. it's a dry heat in the bay area. you won't be sweating as much if we had the humidity. 102 in livermore. 84 in fremont. hot around the east shore, if you want to hit the beach, another great day tomorrow. then temperatures drop off, more coastal fog in the morning and that will cool us off back down to the 80s. 5:19. mike is busy on a monday morning. what's going on? >> no major incidents, a good flow of traffic. northbound routes looking good. both directions show a good flow of traffic. the yellow here, just around 60, maybe 59 but not a big deal. a little shift in the volume for the south bay. a look at fremont, 880 south
5:20 am
with these headlights past the truck scales. folks are moving both directions. for the nimitz into downtown oakland. the peninsula side, 101 through palo alto, there is the mall, 101 northbound here, southbound with these taillights away from us, pass by the construction. no active construction right now passing university and a smooth drive, at the limit into the city. san rafael looking at 101 south with the headlights, we should see that coming up. an easy flow though the volume is starting to pick up. no major slowing all the way into the city and a clear view through this area. we'll track it. the volume will kick in ain the next 20 to 30 minutes. >> now that the olympics are over a lot of us are a little more inspired to be i guess more like our favorite athletes. if you have got to have the same goggles as michael phelps or the
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>> welcome back everybody. a live look over san jose. that's hp pavilion where on september 8 the gold medal gymnasts and many others will be there showing their stuff. come to town to give people the love that san jose likes to give them. >> that will be a good show. we know michael phelps is leaving the london olympics as the most decorated athlete ever. but he's also coming home with another record, it turns out phelps won the most fans on social media during the 2012 games. according to numbers released this weekend he added one million twitter followers. before the games he had 200,000. >> pretty popular guy. globally. >> everybody wants to know what
5:24 am
he's talking about or thinking. olympic gold turning into a lot of green for retailers. >> yes indeed. sporting goods sales just flying off the shelves. olympic success at the cash register is all about name recognition, not just the name of the athlete but what the athletes are wearing. >> like to see their favorite athletes. if they might be thinking about buying a product and it has that logo on, you sell that logo, it can't do anything but help you. >> sure can't hurt. some swim gear is getting pricey. $300 for goggles. to $400 for some trunks. i get trying to look good but 400 bucks? for -- no, not -- yeah. they better help me win a gold medal if i'm paying 400 bucks. >> or look good at the pool. you're going to want to hit the water today. it's going to be hot, isn't it. >> yeah. great day to try out your
5:25 am
olympic moves in the pool because that's the best way to stay cool today. we're not going to get -- we're close to fall, we're not going to get all that many days like this before fall just sneaks up on us so hit that pool if you have one. you're paying the pool man weekly. 88 at noon, you can jump in at that time up to 102 degrees at 4:00 p.m. bay side, 84. we're not sparing the air. i want to point that out. secondly, there is a cooldown on the way. first let's get you out the front door on time on a monday. >> we're getting a little slowdown at the altamont pass. a typical build. we see no major drama. we've been following reports of the mountain lion or the dog, probably a dog and it's off 580 and no follow-up so that's good news. a smooth drive in the dublin interchange for 580. citizens, it's okay. the bay bridge toll plaza, clear view of the headlights, pick up
5:26 am
to the volume but no slowing down the east shore freeway or off of the maze. a nice drive between the city and the east bay. >> thanks so much. still to come, a wild fire still burning out of control and the weather we can tell you may make this worse. we're tracking the details. >> and more pressure at the pump. gas prices in the bay area are sky rocketing in the wake of the chevron refinery fire. how it's affecting travel plans. >> we travel up to san francisco, a wide shot there, we saw clouds earlier. looks like a clear angle here. [ male announcer ] the magic of nature appears every day,
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>> developing news in lake county this morning. two wild fires still burning out of control. we're watching conditions. we'll have the update. >> reporter: a big day for
5:29 am
federal investigators looking into the cause of last week's major richmond fire. i'll tell you why they are focusing on one pipe. >> if it wasn't hot enough for you yesterday, we are turning up the heat even more this monday, temperatures in the triple digits inland, 90s and 80s bayside and 70s at the coast. your full forecast in a few moments. >> as you rub that sleep out of your eyes this monday morning i'll show you where you might have to. >> downtown san jose, that's the hp pavilion. it's going to be a hot one. monday, august 13, this is "today in the bay." >> 5:29. thanks for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. developing news out of lake county where wild fires are burning and threatening homes. the flames have scorched thousands of acres already and
5:30 am
forced a lot of evacuations. marla tellez has the latest information for us. good morning. >> we got an update from a division chief who tells us fire crews are making some headway on both of these fires, called the wye fire, that's the first one, the other one is the walker fire. they are burning in lake county as laura mentioned, also some parts of east colusa county and they burned at least 5,000 acres combineded. both are close to clear lake off highway 20 north of santa rosa. the two have burned more than 12 hours. the wire fire burned three structures. it has the community of spring valley evacuated. that's about 480 homes. the division chief says about 300 firefighters are working the flames right now, and more help from all over california is on the way. >> we have 25% contained, approximately 3,000 acres. the walker fire which is further
5:31 am
to the east, right around 2,000 acres, approximately 30% containment. >> the walker fire is in a more remote area off highway 20. it's not threatening homes. highway 20, though, keep in mind is shut down. officials say it will be closed for at least another 12 hours. as for injuries, one person and one firefighter have been hurt, but both are said to have minor injurie injuries. >> thank you, marla. 5:31. we have new information on a fire at a san jose landfill that started at the newby island land fill, it was smoldering most of the day on sunday. the blaze sent thick smoke into the air. while a shelter in place warning was not issued people nearby could smell the burning trash were urged to stay inside with the windows and doors shut.
5:32 am
each time the fire department had to bring its own water. >> there is no water so we had to bring our water so we brought out some of our water tenders that carry extra water similar a wild fire.ç >> at this point it's not clear what started that fire. >> the investigation widens in the chevron refinery fire. investigators will be at the scene trying to understand why the fire started. christie smith is live in richmond with what they will focus on. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. investigators say the pipe that failed here dates back to the 1970s and at this point is unclear whether corrosion was found on that pipe during the last round of testing, but they say that a 12-inch pipe connected to the one that leaked was found to be corroded and was replaced last november. now investigators are trying to figure out why the pipe that failed was kept in service
5:33 am
according to the u.s. chemical safety board that spoke with the associated press. it was last monday there was a huge plume of smoke from the refinery prompting a shelter in place. this week will be critical to getting to the bottom of what went wrong. >> our priority is to get in as soon as the beginning of this week, examine that pipe and remove it for testing at an independent lab. >> reporter: for its part chevron says it's cooperating with investigators and is committed to better understanding the root cause of this entire incident. reporting live in richmond, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> no shocker you might be feeling that pinch in your wallet because of that refinery fire helping to push gas prices up across the state and the nation. analysts say it's the largest two-week jump this week so far. right here in the bay area, san francisco has the highest average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas at $4.17.
5:34 am
last week if yyou remember it ws $3.93. >> you don't drive if you don't have to. >> i don't do that much. i keep driving the same amount. >> in san jose and oakland prices up about 25 cents from a week ago at $4.10 per gallon. >> for decision 2012, republican presidential candidate mitt romney continues his cross-country tour to sell his ideas and his new joyce for running maxt thousands turned out in wisconsin to see romney and congressman paul ryan. ryan who hails from the state was given a warm welcome. political analysts say the choice is seen as a victory for the tea party. some argued that romney was not conservative enough. >> when we win this election we go fix this mess in washington. >> my opponent chose his running
5:35 am
mate t ideological leader in congress, mr. paul ryan. i want to congratulate -- no, no, no. >> the republican candidates will split up and romney will head to florida and romney heads to iowa where president barack obama will be campaigning as well. the last republican vice presidential candidate will not attend this year's gop convention. sarah palin says she wanted to give opportunities to other voices to speak at the convention. she also supports romney's choice for vice president. >> the death toll continues to rise after a series of powerful earthquakes in iran. the government this says at least 300 people are dead. several thousands are injured. a pair of quakes rocked northeast of the country on saturday. at least 20 villages were destroyed. iranian state tv says rescuers have stopped their search for
5:36 am
survivors. in egypt, thousands taking to the streets in cairo, they came out sunday to support the country's president after he reclaimed power from the military. president morsi forcing the retirements of the defense minister and other top officials, he has revoked constitutional powers given to military leaders. >> all the heat this weekend, it's going to continue into the week. better find a cool place. want to check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> great point, laura. find that shady spot that you go to when temperatures reach the triple digits. they will. you got that shady parking spot at work. 5:3ics a live look over the bay, a beautiful start not a lot of cloud cover, we're not sparing the air but you'll see the thin layer of hatz over your inland valleys. 5:36, as we head throughout the hour might drop off a touch but really this is the coolest point
5:37 am
of the day. if you wanted to get into your dog walking probably a good idea now as temperatures even at the beach will be at 75 degrees at noon. up to 78 at 2:00 p.m. when our highs come in, 80 degrees in santa cruz. it's going to be a hot one. make sure you're ready for it. the good news is we don't hold on to this oppressive heat much longer. 5:37. here is mike. >> start with the good news, folks at the castro valley "y." look at these folks heading over to the area. tri-valley slowing now, builds through livermore out of the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. speeds down toward the 50s but the flow is smooth through this portion of 580 through sunol. 880 as we hook south with these
5:38 am
headlights. just north of mission boulevard or south into milpitas and the south bay. 101 with a live look at the volume of traffic. i should have moved the camera further up. way over the upper right-hand corner, the taillights, that's the volume. the slowing -- issue with the camera. back to you for now. >> 5:38. up next a look back at london from the spice girls to fireworks to the highlights of the closing air moans. >> a live look outside at the toll plaza this morning where the metering lights are not on yet. 5:28. >> for the latest you know what to do, jump on facebook and search nbc bay area.
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>> welcome back. it's early morning as we give you a live shot over san jose. that's city hall out there. a little illumination to start your day. sun slowly starting to peek up. brace for another smoker out there so be prepared. 5:41. >> it's going to be tough. london olympics officially over. but boy, they certainly went out in style. >> we got to hand it to them. they know how to throw a party there. maybe they call it a swaryea. bringing out the biggest names. raj mathai had a front row seat and says this was one monster bash. >> reporter: good monday morning. it's finally over. what an incredible ride for millions of people in london. i've been to six olympics and i can say with certainty far and beyond london outshined them all. what's happening today? the front page of the times of london, very aptly put, you see
5:42 am
big ben, it says the road to rio. that is next. a couple weeks ago we saw the opening ceremony and that was the ceremony but last night we saw a party. take a look. ♪ they brought them out of retirement, the spice girls rocking the crowd here at the olympic stadium. more than 80,000 fans from all around the world. we were all shoved into the stadium and enjoying this party from the spice girls to george michael, they had a video tribute from the late john lennon and jesse jay one of the rising british pop stars here. a pretty wild party but ultimately the goal was literally and figuratively to pass the torch to brazil. >> i declare the games closed and call on the youth of the world to assemble four years from now in rio de janeiro to celebrate the games. >> on the last day i can finish
5:43 am
with these words. when our time came, britain, we did it right. thank you. >> reporter: the britins did it with style and respect and with humbleness. now it's all up to the brazilians. from what we saw the brazilians will host quite a party. the closing ceremony comes to an end with a bang. london does a fantastic job. we'll see what happens with brazil. it's all about the airport. heathrow will be packed for the next 24 hours and so will sfo, dozens of olympians, bay area olympians coming home and thousands of fans and journalists on the way home. we'll see you back at home. for one last time i'm raj mathai in london. >> good job. thanks so much. you know the olympics ended with team usa far in the medal count lead, 104 medals, 46 of them gold.
5:44 am
china with second with 87 total medals, 38 of them gold. russia came in third as far as total medals great britain the host nation had more gold so pushed it up to number three in those overall rankings. there's a lot to celebrate. if you would like to look back at some of the best moments of the summer games, head to, all you do is scroll down to the london 2012 section, click on london 2012's most memorable moments. now back to reality. here we go. olympic athletes are coming home. for some it's probably going to be a tough transition. >> you have to start paying those bills, go back to a regular job or to school. yeah. no more of that glory worship. for others the games seem to be a big board like rich endorsement deals. you'll get a chance to see high
5:45 am
profile gold medal olympians up close and personal. good morning. >> reporter: that's in a few weeks. the hall that athletes will bring back to our nine-county area. you look at the athletes at stanford and cal, it's quite a taking in. 33 medals between both schools. it was cal that eeked out stanford in the total count. cal had 17, 16 for stanford but it's stanford that's bringing home more gold. 12 gold medal champions versus cal's 11. now, if you were to talk about one gold medal winner who will attend stanford, water polo player maggie steffens, she's excited to get home and start her freshman year. >> i'm looking forward to being a student again and being 19. i'm around girls who i love but they are a lot older and getting married and on to different points of their life.
5:46 am
i want to go back to school, write an essay, i don't care, give me homework, you know. i think i'm looking forward to being a student and being young again. >> reporter: you weren't able to travel to london to watch. in a few weeks they will be performing at the hp pavilion. the 2012 women's gymnastic team and some members of the men's team will show off their skills in what is the tour of gymnastic champions, september 8th, a few weeks from now. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> that will likely be a sold out show. >> watching maggie steffens makes us smile. i hear you. i like to be young again myself. >> why do you love laura and christina. good words. >> i'll go to your class. >> you can also write i love laura 500 times as well. good morning to you.
5:47 am
a great looking day. you probably don't love the heat. but the good news is the light at the end of the tunnel, the fact that we are going to gradually drop off each and every day all the way through the weekend. taking your temperatures down slowly but surely about two degrees each day so 102 today in livermore. that's 100 tomorrow, 98 degrees as we head through wednesday, then back in the mid 90s toward the end of the week. high temperatures will be hot today. you don't want to overdo it. we have the danger of heat exhaustion. if you are out between 12 and 5:00 you really want to monitor your condition. if you stop sweating that means you're in trouble. 53 in san francisco, i posted the warning signs of heat exhaustion on my facebook page. take a look at those if you work outdoors today. as we head throughout the next couple hours winds aren't going to play much of a factor. they have not over the course of the weekend. we do have the fire burning to the north of santa rosa, up in the clear lake region. so winds will pick up throughout the day, we stop the clock at
5:48 am
1:00 p.m. you look to the key, 10 to 15 miles per hour winds but hey, when you talk about dry conditions, not a good sign for that fire that's burning. what i can tell you right now is winds are calm, they are going to pick up to about one, 1 and 9 they drop off substantially. that's the good news. also we're going to see this ridge of high pressure retreat, weaken to 106 degrees in clear lake, that means about 103 tomorrow. really hot. and we want to be on the best of our fire safety as our resources are read rather thin. tuesday the cooling fog. 7-day tells the story. it will be oppressively hot in livermore, fairfield and we'll take the temperatures down wednesday and then back in the mid to low 90s at the end of the week. the 80s return, yeah, we're looking forward to the 80s this time. saturday and sunday, tiffany, debby gibson, eat your heart out. >> ah, the sweater dress.
5:49 am
we do have a couple of things on this map. heading away from the bay bridge, east 80 north of the berkeley curve there is a fender bender. sounds like it's out of lanes. i see slowing but it sounds like it's out of lanes. i'll track that for you. this one northbound 880, around 29, reports that a deer was hit and maybe in the lanes. there is a little bit of slowing but the major slowing on international, not on 880. toward the bay bridge, we'll show you the yield for the traffic. no big deals, seeing a little slowdown. 4-the volume about 19 off of the carquinez bridge. the san mateo side of the san mateo bridge, westbound, the commute direction, volume picks up but no slowing for the san mateo bridge. a live look out there will show you what it's like through palo alto as the volume picks up a tad bit.
5:50 am
also southbound a smoother drive and light flow into the south bay. i want to take to you the north bay for construction which remains north of petaluma. we have one lane out as you pass by petalum boulevard. you heard us talk about the closure for highway 20 at 53 where the closure starts all the way over to williams where i-5 is. this is not a commute issue but if you have folks heading to the area around clear lake that's it. highway 20 from 53 to i-5 is closed because of the fire activity. just a note. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> 5:50. coming up a bay area little league team heading for the national spotlight thanks in part to a controversial play. we'll show you the unexpected call that caps off the victory. >> sometimes a bug on a computer is not a bad thing. we'll take a look.
5:51 am
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>> taking a look at the huge fireworks display at the closing ceremony in london. the summer games came to a close with performances by queen, spice girls and the who. more than 80,000 fans packed the stadium for the three-hour finale. amazing. >> that sounds huge. legendary. turning to baseball now, the giants and a's may have to wait but a bay area baseball team is headed to the world series. >> petaluma little league team earned the top spot in the tournament. the victory wasn't without controversy.
5:54 am
take a look. >> it's hard to see but we'll slow-mo it. hawaii was making a comeback but an unusual play quickly ended the game. this is what happened. the runner appeared to miss third base. on appeal the runner was called out for the final out of the game. petaluma ended up winning 7-5. little league world series starts on thursday. good luck to them. google says it will lay off more workers at motorola. scott mcgrew bringing the companies together has been a clash. >> it has. here we're used to people moving around jobs, motorola is one of those old school companies where people would work for a lifetime. welcome to the new ownership. google will cut 4,000 jobs or about 20%. some of that is duplication,
5:55 am
google had the employees it needed. some is cutting the fat. motorola hasn't made money in 14 of 16 quarters. the apple trial gets under way in court. apple accusing samsung of copying the iphone and ipad. apple is nearing the end of its witness list as plaintiff it got to go first like a criminal trial t prosecution gets to go first. starting as early as today samsung will begin its defense, also try to throw a few accusations at apple. the iphone uses some of the ideas from samsung. this risks making the defense complex for the jury. the latest issue of the scientific journal is out. there is a paper about this insect. earlier this year winterton was looking at bug pictures, he saw this picture, realized it was a new species of insect.
5:56 am
he contacted the fellow who took the picture and said you have to find that bug again and the guy did. and so now we have a new species of insect thanks to flicker. >> looked like a bug on a bug. >> it looks like a spider on top. if you're a bird you look and go i'm not eating it. >> interesting. >> smart bug. knows how to conserve energy, piggy back. let's check in for weather. >> yes, although we're not flexing our power as we head throughout the afternoon it's probably a good idea if you can conserve energy to do so as many people across the state will have the ac kicking today inland 102 degrees, 84 bay side, 74 at the coast. change is on the way. we'll take you through the forecast. it's monday and any problems? >> no major problems but the build, slowing for alta mont pass. build through livermore starting
5:57 am
to jam into the 40s as you approach the dublin interchange. a look at the south bay freeway, shows you northbound 101 slow from 680 up to 880, also that sudden slowing we see southbound 280 at the bottom as you head up to the same interchange but that typically smooths out. again, the south bay build is on in the north bound commute direction. back to you. >> thanks so much. >> 5:57. still ahead we're tracking the latest developments in the two wild fires burning out of control in lake county. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right...
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are just 79 cents a pound. starbucks coffee is only $7.49. that's less than a quarter for a great cup of coffee. tropicana o.j. is just $2.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. >> coming up, scrambling to safety. towns evacuated as dry brush fuels two wild fires in lake county. >> reporter: a big week ahead for federal investigators looking into the richmond refinery fire. i'm christie smith. i'll tell you why they are going to be removing one pipe. >> we're setting up for


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